D.I.Y: Naturally Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

Hey, beautiful people!

There’s been a lot of hype over this “new super amazing” DIY turmeric and buttermilk mixture that gets rid of dark circles. So naturally I was interested in trying this and seeing if it would work the wonders it supposedly lived up to. The below picture shows the main ingredients, buttermilk and turmeric!


So, the mixture is 1/3 of a table-spoon of turmeric and 2 parts buttermilk. You can use a foundation brush to mix the ingredients together but I chose a small make-up brush so I could control the amount of mixture when applying to my skin.

Turmeric.PNGmixture 2.PNG

The picture on the right is how the mixture should look like after mixing together. Once done, apply it to a dry clean face. Don’t forget to be careful when applying it to the eye area as you don’t want to get too close to the eye because the turmeric will burn!! Once applied to the desired areas, let it set for 20 mins then wipe off with a warm cloth.

TIP: Now turmeric can strain and if it makes your skin slightly yellow, then just dab some face oil onto the area and wipe off with a damp cloth. This will definitely help remove the colour/staining to the skin. Also make sure to use a cloth you don’t mind getting stained!

~Let the reviewing start!~

Soo.. I LOVED that the mixture was super easy and quick to do. And the fact that you can keep this mixture in the fridge for up to a week is GREAT. It was really easy to apply this to the face and when it was drying on my face I could really feel it tightening my skin. It’s advised to use this 2-3 times a week to help reduce the dark circles and wrinkles. I will definitely try to do this as I feel this can give me improved results over time. The results for me were that my skin had tightened up and slightly reduced my wrinkles and dark circles under my eyes, but hopefully over time I would see better results. This was very CHEAP to make as the buttermilk costed £0.75p for 300ml from Sainsbury’s and the turmeric powder costing around £1-£1.50 which is really really cheap considering that you can keep this mixture in the fridge for up to a WEEK.

~What more can you ask for, CHEAP and EASY~

The downside to this mixture is that it does have a strong potent smell which I didn’t mind too much but my partner found it quite off putting. After removing the mixture I did feel like my skin was slightly heated, so I applied some eye gel to calm the skin down. So be prepared because this mixture could make your skin go red and feel hot but after 30 mins it reduces and settles down. I used SKINLAB eye gel which is a hydrolysed collagen and elastin that targets fine lines and puffiness. It also has encapsulated micro-beads which help revitalises the skin. This really helped but have a go and see if the results will help with your dark circles and wrinkles. gel 2.PNGI think that the redness of the skin was due to the turmeric helping to increase the blood circulation which is needed to make the cells healthier and more efficient. All-in-all this worked for me so why not try it yourself and see if it helps reduce your dark circles. Hope it works for you, let me know your thoughts 🙂

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