Stila Brow Colour Review


Hey Beautiful people,

So today I wanted to review my new eye brow pen by Stila. It’s a stay all day waterproof brow colour. They do them in 3 different colours, light, medium and dark.


So, I have chosen the medium colour because I don’t like it when eye brows are toooo dark and not natural looking. This product is probably the easiest brow pen I’ve used! It’s not overly wet so it allows you to fill in the brow and build colour. The tip is very fine which I LOVE because it let’s you create and shape the end of the brow’s nicely. I have trouble finding brow pens with good tips because who wants thick bold pens to do your brows with……. UUURRMMMM no one!!!

The product is also a good size, not too long or too thick. It’s thin and sleek so it doesn’t take up much space in my beauty bag *thumbs up* and can fit nicely in my small clutch bags when going out. The price was also pretty reasonable I think, £16 compared to my Benefit “Gimme Brow” which costs £18.50 and my Benefit “Brow Zings” at £24.50.

It does exactly what it says on the tin

Stila brow pen is very long lasting and is definitely waterproof!! I have no problems with this as this pen doesn’t smudge or run when wet. I have been caught in the rain and they didn’t spoil and I have occasionally rubbed my brows when rushing around work but they never smudged. Soooo this really is great and a big BONUS because I’ve seen many girls rub/scratch their brows before and then you see their brow liner going upwards towards their foreheads hahahaha!!!! So funny but really bad because no girl ever wants that to happen to them. I really recommend trying this product, especially if you’re going for that natural look!

Overall I would rate this brow pen a BIG 5 out of 5!! It’s easy to use, small and sleek, natural appearance, reasonably priced and has a fine tip. Why not try it and let me know what you think of it.

Thanks for reading xx



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